October 22, 2021

Mascara, instructions for use

To choose your sound mascara, it is already necessary to identify and define the type of eyelashes that we have. Are they long, short? The type of brush to use changes according to these criteria.
- For the eyelashes long : opt for a mascara volumizer that will allow you to give more volume to your eyelashes and therefore to thicken them.
- For the eyelashes short : opt for a mascara lengthening, which will allow you to gain length.

The desired effect
- Of eyelashes longer and thicker: to give an impression of length, do not load eyelashes lower. Take the brush face down and apply a thin enough layer.
- of the eyelashes flexible and natural: to avoid packets, use a specific brush to separate the eyelashes.
- For some eyelashes curled: first apply mascara on the top and then on the underside of the line of eyelashes.

The right color
Black is not the only color that can make you a doe look!
- For dark eyes, it is indeed better to opt for a mascara black.
- For clear eyes and more often blondes, black is to use rather in evening makeup. In the day, prefer a softer shade like a brown or a plum.

Good habits
Drop some product on the tip of the eyelashes to extend it from root to tip. In order to avoid a bad break and packets, raise the maximum eyelashes by performing a zigzag movement.
Do not hesitate to regularly clean the brush of your mascara place it under warm water and allow to dry well. If you put too much mascara, place a tissue between the eyelashes upper and lower and close your eyes.
Always clear your eyes with a suitable makeup remover before going to bed. Also check that they are clean before applying makeup the next day.

To know
If you're tired, do not wear makeup eyelashes lower to avoid accenting dark circles.
The waterproof mascaras are very practical because they resist water and tears ... So, finished the effect it black butter! Moreover, the new formulas do not break the eyelash. The makeup removal is just a little longer and, depending on the fragility of the eyes, they can dry up a little. It is therefore advisable to use the mascara waterproof for occasions like sports or parties.

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