April 17, 2024

Michelle Obama VS Ann Romney: A dress, two styles.

The second presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney has captured the attention of American viewers and for good reason. More than 82 thousand undecided voters were waiting to see this second televised interlocution between the two candidates to make their choices. What will they remember from this evening? A Barack Obama convincing and a Mitt Romney cataloged by the American press as "aggressive". But not only. If there is one detail that Americans are not about to forget, it's Michelle Obama and Ann Romney having both opted for a pink outfit! Ironically, the First Lady and the Governor's wife had chosen to wear a pink dress.

And the resemblance between the two women in the presidential debate does not stop there. Both with an impeccable brushing, makeup at the limit of perfection and a glamorous manicure, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney have become pillars of charm in the race for the White House. Only difference between the two women? Their pace. Michelle Obama had accessorized her outfit with a short jacket and a pearl necklace. As for Ann Romney, she had opted for a short-sleeved dress sublimated by a double jumper in large green pearls. At the end of the debate, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney went to kiss their respective spouses on seeing the space of a moment, the life in pink ...


Presidential debate: Michelle Obama and Ann Romney wear the same color LCIWAT video selected in News

The Final Presidential Debate: Michelle Obama VS Ann Romney... The Fashion Details! (April 2024)