August 14, 2022

Miranda Kerr topless for the new Kora Organics campaign

Miranda Kerr is not proud of his work with the brand of cosmetics organic Kora Organics. The Australian model unveiled a few days ago an unprecedented shot of the brand's new campaign: we see it posing in topless mode in the waves, more sexy and natural than ever. She was quick to share the photo with her fans on her Instagram account, with the caption: "You are the best @chriscolls @koraorganicsbymk #naturepure #spritlibre". The photo, in black and white, was taken by fashion photographer Chris Colls.

The Kora Organics brand was created by Miranda Kerr itself in order to bring the skin a shine and a care more natural. The 29-year-old Australian top is known for his healthy, balanced lifestyle, and his love for products cosmetics organic. Thing she wanted to convey through the creation of Kora Organics. To better illustrate the values ​​of the brand, what better than a series of sexy and glamorous shots in the most natural attire possible?

Discover the brand Kora Organics on their website:

Exclusive preview of the new KORA Organics video with Miranda Kerr (August 2022)