April 20, 2024

Olivier Giroud, sexy model for Têtu

After Yoann Gourcuff, it is the turn ofOlivier Giroux, stamped handsome kid of the championship of France in addition to being the best scorer of L1 who has the honors of the magazine Têtu masculine. Although very busy with the European Championship, the athlete has agreed to play a very hot shooting game for Têtu.

Shirtless, molded in a swimsuit by Marc Jacobs, the azure blue-eyed champion seems as comfortable under the flashes of fashion photographers as ballooning.
To see all, or almost all, the advantageous plastic ofOlivier Giroux, rush to your newsagent ... Because if the young man is not ready to imitate the gods of the stadium by posing completely naked, he seems very comfortable with the idea of ​​posing in a swimsuit ...

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