August 2, 2021

Ombre Claire, a brand of ethical jewelry

Behind the mark of jewelry Claire Shadowwe find Aude Durou, a French designer, who has developed emotional ties with Nigerian artisans. From these links started since her childhood, the creator was able to develop a local business, which allows her to propose jewelry poetic and ethical.
The designer speaks herself about her work in these terms: "For me, the culture of Niger is quite natural insofar as I bathe in since my childhood but I still like to bring my personal touch: most of my collections are borrowed from a Japanese note that I associate with colors, materials and stories of the Tuaregs. "
And if we can only be seduced by this collection of jewelry Refined inviting to travel and daydreaming, most of the brand Claire Shadow, is that it is an ethical brand. If the artisans with whom Aude Durou works are a real source of inspiration for her, she also makes sure to pay them a fixed salary that allows them to live properly. And Aude Durou does not intend to stop there. It is already planning to create more jewelry, an ethical clothing line, also made in Niger, which will allow it to work more people, especially women.
The work of Aude Durou has already been rewarded since she was named designer of the year 2009 at the Workshop, international show of women's fashion.
Find our selection of models from the brand Ombre Claire.
Some points of sale:
Home around the world, 8 rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris 3th.
Dalia and Rose, 9 rue du marché Saint-Honore, Paris 1st.
Temoa, 75 rue Oberkampf, Paris 11th.
Nature and Discoveries in all of France.
Sophie Couture, 41 rue des 3 wheel, Lille.
The boudoir of the world, 57 rue Grignan, Marseille.
iDEO, 13 rue du Chateau, Nantes.

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