May 28, 2024

Our advice to strengthen your perineum

To strengthen your perineum, you do not have to have an iron will to build your abs. It only takes a little regularity and targeted exercises.
These are two good reasons to strengthen your perineum: to avoid urinary leakage sometimes due to relaxation after childbirth or the passage of time. Menopause and childbirth are important traumas for the pelvic floor. To motivate younger women, it can be said that a well-muscled perineum allows orgasm to occur more easily and practice movements inside the vagina during sex that increase the pleasure of both the partner and the partner.

To really feel the perineum and the muscles involved, we have to imagine that we refrain from peeing. Even if grandmothers advise to practice "stop-pee" or to refrain from going to the bathroom as long as possible, these methods are not ideal. It is better to hold your muscles tight for a few seconds, concentrating and loosening. Imagine that your perineum is like a floor. Contract to strengthen it. Neither the abs, the thighs nor the gluteal muscles should move. This sometimes requires a little practice but the results are fast.
By practicing yoga postures or pilates, the perineum is also muscle. Some exercises can make you work the pelvic floor together with the thighs: on all fours, stretch your legs alternately backwards and bring them back to your chest. Reproduce this movement on the side. During these exercises, visualize your pelvic floor and contract your internal muscles.
Our advice
For boys, the interest in strengthening the perineum lies in the ability to retain ejaculation longer. A better erection, a strengthening in the sensations of pleasure, here are promises that should motivate more than one.

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