April 20, 2024

Pedicure file: pedicure-chiropodist and institute care

If it is essential to take care of your feet at home, we must also let the foot specialists, especially to solve our problems and small sores.
At the pedicure-chiropodist

It is good to see a pedicurist and podiatrist regularly. Stop self-medication for the feet. This qualified practitioner will be best suited to treat all the sores of the feet: horns, callus, calluses, ingrown toenails, onions ... He will be the most qualified to provide you with adapted care and make the pain go away related to small foot problems. So, rather than suffer martyrdom in your shoes, check it regularly.
The price of a consultation with a podiatrist is around 30? It will only be refunded if you have a medical prescription.
In institute

A pedicure institute will not be the same as a podiatrist. If the chiropodist is able to heal and cut, the beautician institute can only apply care. That does not prevent to spend a pleasant moment! The beautician will take care of hydrating your feet, erase them, sand them lightly, apply a nail polish as well. Many institutes also offer care spa feet with refreshing bath. What make you want to let you pamper.
For all those who do not have the desire or the courage to carry out some care at home, the institute is the ideal place for a moment of softness and relaxation. welfare. Most beauty salons offer this type of care, from Yves Rocher, through Nocibé, Ethnicia, L'Onglerie, Manucurist, or the beauty salon in your neighborhood. You will have the choice to let yourself be pampered. In the end, soft feet, soft skin and a great moment of relaxation.
In general, the price for this type of benefits institute revolves around 45? for an hour of care.