June 23, 2021

Petit Bateau, the saga of the brand

What's the use of having clothes if it's for nothing in? Small boat ! You could not forget that mythical phrase that shouted children dying to go play outdoors without taking care of their business!
The history of Mark Small boat :
It all started in 1893, Pierre Valton opened a hosiery in Troyes. His son Etienne grew up in a soft atmosphere of underwear. But already, Etienne Valton wants to go further in comfort. In 1918, he makes the famous panties Small boat in cotton mesh. Since 1920, the first posters Small boat appear with the character Marinette in short pants. At the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1937, the panties Small boat receives a diploma of Grand Prix. The Mark then takes more and more scale and begins to be part of everyday French.
In the 50s, the Mark explodes with the first baby bodys, inspired by American GI t-shirts! The Mark Small boat continues its ascent until the 70s when it is experiencing a shortness of breath. The group Yves Rocher bought the Mark in 1988 and will work tirelessly to give it a second youth. Some products Small boat are introduced in supermarkets and the range of underwear is extended to the delight of women. Nowadays, Small boat satisfied young and old, boys and girls, women and men.
Today Small boatit is 240 shops worldwide, including 120 in France. The Mark also has an online sales site:petit-bateau.fr
Small boat and you :
For almost a century, Small boat Follow us and tell us a story. It all starts with the first body ... We did not know it yet but Small boat was going to hold an important place in our life. Step by step, we grow up with the Mark. From the first hug to the first recreation, from brothers to sisters, from mothers to girls, from knitwear suits to sweatshirts, from autumn chestnuts to April fools, from yellow waxes to sweaters ...Small boat accompanies us in the daily life!

The Mark Small boat the loud and strong, his job is to grow children! But not in any way, gently with moms and free for children. Little pajamas dance with the seasons and the water, Small boat follows the movement.
This year, Small boat has decided to engage in sustainable and global development through its creations, its supports and its packaging. The Mark launches a 100% organic collection. Officials say humorously: "atno chemical fertilizers or pesticides, no overconsumption of water or energy, 100% organic cotton 100% all good ". Knitted from organically grown yarns, the new Toddler Collection titled The milleraies of the earth combines the softness and comfort of Small boat in the colors of nature. Farewell the label that scratches! The traditional label disappears in favor of a stamp screen printed on the same mesh. Nothing will interfere with children's freedom of movement!
The new campaign Small boat :
The story of Small boatis also the story of a life punctuated by bursts of laughter. From the sandbox hero to the big parent cake, to the rock and roll youth, Small boat presents us with his new campaign. To hit hard, the Mark chose both unknowns and members of the MGMT group, Ben and Andrew.

Because we all started small and "childhood is what does not end to live in us", discover the new campaign of Small boat in clicking here.

On the moms side, good news, Small boat is expanding its adult line and presenting us with an ideal collection for pretty, feminine, well-skinned moms. Discover the sensual collection for women of Small boat in clicking here.   

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