January 16, 2022

Professional forecasts of the Virgin for the year 2008

First quarter: Neptune will be in harmonic aspect. This means that the fog in which you have been sailing so far will dissipate. You will be able, in your work, to see much more clearly, to make precise and positive choices. You will have all the assets in hand to improve your position or even, if you wish, to completely change the sector of activity.

Second Quarter: With Mercury's professional support, you will clearly know what you want, and can give you the means to get it. You will have the freedom to evolve at your own pace and concretize the projects that are important to you. If you are unemployed, it is probably this time that you will find a job.

Third quarter: No planet coming to occupy the work sector of your theme, there will be no notable event to report on this side. Do not believe that you are on vacation. You will take advantage of this period of relative calm to establish your influence and strengthen your position. Slowly but surely, you will make yourself a place of choice in your field of activity. Your seriousness and your professional conscience will not go unnoticed and will be unanimous around you. You will be asked for your analysis skills.

Fourth quarter: With this aspect of the planet Uranus, it will be the moment to bring you into the open and make all the contacts that can improve your professional life and facilitate the smooth development of your various projects. Do not be afraid: "Ask, and they will give you, search, and you will find, knock, and you will be opened" (Gospel).


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