June 23, 2021

Sauce, tofu, etc. : 4 gourmet tips for cooking soy

Soya sauce
The sauce soy lends itself to multiple recipes, starting with salad dressings. So mix it with balsamic and a spoon of oil, and you get a tasty sauce for salad or crudités. With sauce soyalso prepare marinades. And wake up your grill! Prepare a sauce-based sauce soy, garlic, chilli and olive oil. Dip skewers of duck or chopped beef in for a few minutes and barbecue. Your guests will be conquered! Finally, the sauce soy also used to flavor chicken woks, vegetables and sautéed noodles. Do not hesitate to pour in your preparations to give a little pep to your kitchen.

Soy milk
The milk of soy is used as the milk From a cow. Make a tasty rice at milk of soy. Add some raisins and a flowing caramel and you're done! Another idea: prepare a delicious flan flavored with chocolate. Heat up the milk with a tablespoon of cocoa powder, add sugar if necessary. Shudder, sprinkle a few grams of agar-agar, stir. Then pour into ramekins before refrigerating for a few hours. And for the salty dishes, cook the milk of soy to make a homemade béchamel. Coat your sauce on pre-cooked and drained cards, bake and enjoy.

If you enjoy tofu in the famous miso soup, you never know how to cook it. Above all, it is sorely lacking in flavor. Before using it, marinate it for a few moments in sauce soy. Then, return to a wok. To mark the spirits, decorate a Bolognese or lasagna with some cubes of tofu. For teens, make a tofu burger, much more original than ground beef. And for dessert, cook it in a delicious chocolate mousse.

Soy cream
As the milk, the cream of soy is used like any liquid cream. Pour it into an egg-based device to make a quiche lorraine revisited. Use it to simmer a curry sauce, mushrooms with cream or ham endives with cream. Finally, for dessert, serve a chocolate cake or prepare a custard. Unless you prefer a delicious home-made ice cream with strawberry and cream soy. A delight !

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