May 29, 2023

Scrub and massage Eau-nirique

The place :
The Payot space is one of those discreetly accessible luxury havens under the porch of a Haussmann building, just a stone's throw from the Champs-Élysées. From the entrance, the tone is set: resolutely modern design with straight angles and colors in shades of gray, chocolate and blue-green. Around the pool, beautiful, organize cabins, steam room and gym. Note: a VIP cabin (it seems that the stars love) with built-in hammam and Jacuzzi. It is also possible to book the double cabin if you come in love or with a friend.
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Care :
I tested the scrub and the massage "Eau-nirique" in a shower with affusion. Marie-Caroline - dressed as a cosmonaut because the atmosphere will be very "wet" - begins by selecting the color of the light that will accompany us during all the care (we can choose pink, blue or green). First step: the scrub (20 min), which eliminates all dead skin and prepares the skin to massage who will follow.
After having rinsed mewater hot, she turns on the affusion shower above me. In this hot rain, she began to massage me with the mixture of essential oils that I chose early in the session: vanilla-patchouli (with relaxing properties). During the twenty minutes that the treatment lasts, it is happiness. A final rinse, and it's already over ...
I am entitled to a small bonus: the opportunity to test the sensations that the "water-bed", a wrap practiced on a bed ofwater, can provide. The platform on which I lie slowly sinks and I find myself literally floating in thewater hot (while staying dry!): a real anti-stress bubble that can be completed by a clay wrap.

I loved :
The cloakrooms, the design of the place and the atmosphere in the cabin.
The feeling of coming out "clean as a sub nine", with a soft skin.
Precaution: this treatment is reserved for those who are not afraid ofwater. In this case, it is better to carry out the second part (massage) in a "dry" room, which will also be quieter (the affusion shower makes a noise ... shower!).

Convenient :
Scrub Water-nirique (20 min): 60?
Massage Water-nirique (20 min): 60?
The floating stop (bed ofwater without wrapping, 30 min): 50?
The address: Espace Payot, 62 rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris.
Tel: 01 45 61 42 08

Sandrine Leveugle

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