June 23, 2024

Sex-language: what can be said and not to say in bed

The do's

I want you : Like all menhe needs to be comforted in his manhood. So knowing that you desire him as much as he desires can only boost his energy horizontally and his desire to satisfy, in detail, the least of your wishes.

I love when you look at me like that : He will like to know that his animal side does not frighten you, on the contrary ....

Ah! : If your vocabulary is, in the circumstance, not very provided, it has the merit of clarity. And it clearly tells him the extent of your satisfaction!
I love you : Yes, do itlove without feelings, just for the sake of indulging in them, that's quite permissible. But when you can reconcile the two, it's even better ... Your "I love you", Especially if it is shared, can therefore act as a powerful aphrodisiac.
It was divine, awesome, exceptional : He is not a beginner in sexual matters, you either. Nevertheless, some performances are out of the ordinary and it will be flattered that you notice them!



The do not

Ah, Paul, I love what you do to me (if it's called Pierre): What was supposed to be a compliment will turn into an offense, which he may never forgive you ....
You know, it's not the size that counts: Even if you have met more impressive members during your love-career, motus and mouth stitched. This type of anatomical appreciation usually has a double effect, quite disastrous: to offend him and cut off all his means ...
It's already over ? Rather than expressing your frustration about the brevity of the act, deploy your love-making skills next time (change positions or take breaks at crucial moments) to make sure your games last longer next time. ...

What if we made a baby? This is definitely not the place to ask such questions. And this even if you have been in a relationship for a while ... It may feel-legitimate enough-that you are trying to take it hostage.


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