December 10, 2023

Sexologist, an expert tells you everything!

What is a sexologist?
MS: A sex therapist is a therapist present to help overcome sexual disorders. He is a doctor, who may be a general practitioner, a gynecologist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
Sexology is studied during a specialized university training in three years. There is no French sexologist diploma in France.

Who goes to the sexologist and why?
MS: Today, I receive as many women as men.
Women come to see me for the most part because of desire. I also get for vaginismus problems, pain during the penetration or decline of the libido.
In men, the two main causes of consultation are erection problems and premature ejaculation.

Should we come in couple?
MS: It is not mandatory to come in couple, we must do what we want and especially do not force anyone to come and meet us. But it is better to come to two, the sexuality is a couple business, if one has a problem, the other lives it too!

How old are the people who come to meet you?
MS: The average age is 30-40 years but I also get much younger couples who are at the very beginning of their sexuality and who make this smart move to come and talk about their problems. And then, I obviously have much older patients, it can go up to 70, even 80 years!

Are people still so reluctant to come to consult?
MS: Many people have been educated in a society where we do not talk about intimacy outside, where it is a casi taboo subject. We can not say that the people who push the door of my office are ashamed to consult, but they are initially very modest, left in their answers. They do not dare and that's understandable. It's up to us to put them at ease, reassure them and remind them that we too are subject to professional secrecy.

How to help them find a sexuality fulfilled?
By providing answers. My desire as a sex therapist is to help the patient regain confidence in him by teaching him to know his body better and to lift his anxieties.
Sessions are done to restore the intimate understanding of the couple. Normally, after a few visits only, the pleasure and the desire to make love must be returned. But there are no miracle cures so the duration of the therapy depends on the evolution of the patient.


Why I Became a Sex Expert (December 2023)