October 25, 2021

She Fanning, sensual beauty for Lolita Lempicka

A new campaign signed by the French brand Lolita Lempicka unveils once again the sweet little face ofShe Fanning. The young actress with wax doll face poses for a perfume which fits him well, "Sweet ".

La Belle, revealed on the big screen with the Disney movie "Maleficent"in which she played the role of The Sleeping Beauty, alongsideAngelina Jolie in the shoes of the wicked witch, take out her most beautiful angel face for Lolita Lempicka.
The young actress teenager of 16 years incarnates with voluptuousness and softness the femininity of this new perfume delectable. Exquisite, seductive and mysterious in black and white, the elegant She Fanning pose in front of the lens with a penetrating look, the lips sweetly moistened with a sexy gloss. Adopting a false innocent look, the young actress proves to be sublimely tempting, alluring and charming.
The long-haired actress slips into the skin ofEvewho crunches the apple of life and pleasure. The scents new perfume "Sweet " (on sale from mid-October) turn out to be a scandalous sweet treat. A mouthwatering blend of cherry and cocoa, enhanced by a hint of woody musks full of character and caress.
Beauty novel side, the young woman of 1m72 became brown. While it was unveiled to the eyes of the world with a blond-white, that's itShe Fanning adopt a much darker hair. This coloring was actually made for the needs of a shoot, his next film, "Low Down".


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