August 14, 2022

Shiny, light hair with Lifetex Pure from Wella

The hair hydrated have a natural shine and flexibility from roots to tips. But the urban women, stressed and attacked by the external pollution have the hair fiber weakened by the dust and any other residue which is deposited on the hair and choke them.

Wella designed for them a range of detoxifying and purifying treatments for hair in good health: this is the Lifetex Pure range, which consists of a shampoo fortifying and a care hair conditioner without rinsing cleanser and purifier. The hair is hydrated, free from any impurity that could trap and tarnish it. The natural brilliance of hair come back in force!

The shampoo Wella Lifetex Pure contains lotus flower and panthenol extracts as well as micro-pearls of water to exfoliate hair slowly. Its texture, a fresh and light gel, purify while offering you a subtle and pleasant fragrance.

The Lifetex Pure Aqua Essence Emulsion is ahair conditioner without rinsing that moisturizes hair thanks to its lotus flower complex. This treatment is transformed into moisturizing drops that melt in contact with the hair fiber.

Simply heat a small amount of product in the crust of your hand and apply it evenly to hair wet. For a maximum freshness effect, you can use this range every day, without risk of irritation!

Shampoo : 10.45? the 250 ml
Emulsion: 14.05? the 150 ml

Conditioner Method // I Don't Use Shampoo!! (August 2022)