September 19, 2020

Short cut: 5 questions to ask before cutting

In terms of hairstyleeach has its own little habits. We took the time over the years to tame his hair or his three hairs on the pebble. But when you want to change, you have to make a decision and get out of your routine hairstyle ! Before going through the hairdresser's door for a desire to short cutwe ask ourselves a few questions!


1. A short haircut, will I go?

We usually say that it takes a small face to the perfect oval for a short cut fit the face. We think of stars like Audrey Tautou or Natalie Porman who adopted a short cut to Jean Seberg to better turn into small bombs. Should more square, round or elongated faces banish the court? Not necessarily. If a round face will surely not be highlighted, it is often necessary to treat the case on a case by case basis. Some elongated faces will take on a new dimension once rid of a long mop. Some long noses will be surprised to see how much the passage at the hairdresser gives them a new dimension! Faced with the mirror, one makes tests, one exercises his imagination not to put false barriers!

2. Wicks, unstructured square, flush cut ... What short cut for what effect?

From the short square to the short cut Jean Seberg way in Breathless, the field of possibilities is wide. In general, the short cut rejuvenates the face and gives it energy where a long hair can compress the features and give tired airs.

We can therefore put in a minimalist look and dare the cut to the boy to rejuvenate or assume a chiseled face.

The retro short square is also a part of rejuvenation. Smooth or curly hair, they will appreciate a refreshing that will make them all their spring and fantasy. Volume for loops, an air side for "chopsticks": that positive!

3. Am I willing to spend a small "maintenance" budget?

Like a coloring, a short cut requires a very regular maintenance at the hairdresser. If bars with bangs grow, the refreshment of a cup is rarely done for a preferential rate ... So we must provide a small budget to maintain a harmonious cut! But as we have made savings on shampoo, we can reinvest ...

4. Is not it a whim?

Watch out for an early chisel. A visit to the hairdresser is often motivated by a weariness, desires for change. So beware of the whim "I cut everything!" who will be missed as soon as you pass a pretty girl with cascading hair. So we take the time to think (not too much otherwise, we also risk doing nothing).

5. Which hairdresser do I choose?

Whoever knows you! It is obviously the one that will understand your tastes better and will know the advantages of your face. Among the salons of hairstyle to work short hair, there are some salons that have great proposals for short cuts in their new collection. In the lead, Jean Marc Maniatis, Saint Algue (picture above) or Jean Marc Joubert. Among the good deals, the training centers of hairstyle, like the Training Center Jean-Louis David (rue Cambon in Paris). Students are highly supervised and usually work on cuts of at least five centimeters. We're doing with a nice new head for a mini budget (about 7 euros).

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Cutting My Hair (September 2020)