October 4, 2023

Six bloggers become stylists for André

They are six, six influential bloggers to have created a collection in their image for André. Walinette, Mimnor, Balibulle, Coline, Violette and Miss Glitzy have realized the dream of many women: create LA shoe who looks like them!

Definitely, after Jane Aldridge of blog Sea of ​​Shoes who recently created a collection for trendy fashion label Urban Outfitters, fashion bloggers are increasingly courting brands. What create vocations for female apprentices bloggers!

Coup de pub or sincere desire to give voice to fashionistas, the future will tell! In the meantime, we can not wait to discover the creations of these six budding designers!

For Balibule, the addict to the heels, it will be compensated, ultra comfortable and feminine at the same time. Coline, the rocker of the band, has created small heel boots, both rock and vintage. For Mimnor, it will be a shoe mid boat ballerina, open toe, chic and easy to wear.

Sold between 89? and 149?, these models will be available mid March


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