October 25, 2021

Six clues to know if he really likes you

He looks at you
His look says a lot about his interest in you ... A desire, certainly, but not only. You can read a hint of admiration, a touch of complicity, a zest of tenderness. This look is also attentive to your mood variations: "Are you sure that it's okay, you seem anxious ... Do you want us to talk about it?"
A look that shines in public when you are funny, witty, in which one can read his pride of being your man. A look in which we feel beautiful!

It makes you a place in its existence
With him, the door is open, you never feel too much. You are not afraid to propose projects to two: holidays, weekends ... It does not freeze terror as soon as you look at a baby all tender. He is not afraid to introduce you to his friends and family. In short, it does not slow the evolution of your relationship and lets you enter gently into his life.

Life seems simple to you
Since you are with him, everything seems simple, sweet, obvious, limpid. You find with him security, peace and serenity. No more headaches and the emotional pangs of your old stories ... Would it be to that that we recognize the true love?
A confidence in the future, in itself ... An intimate conviction that this time is the good!

He is looking forward to you
Your professional success and your successes make him happy. It encourages you in difficult times and gives you confidence when you feel nil.
other men are you watching? He does not feel jealousy, but rather pride. Better, if you had not noticed, he reports it to you: "you are beautiful at the moment ... besides, so-and-so does not stop watching you".

He is interested in your universe
He is looking forward to meeting the people you love. Your parents, your friends, he loves them even before they know them, because they are important to you.
Better yet, he is involved in the life of your children, although he is not their father. A man ready to assume such a role is, be sure, really lover from you !

He's waiting for you
He knows how to be patient, on a daily basis or in difficult situations.
Everyday: in the fitting room, the tail in the cinema ... It does not crash you for 10 minutes late. Better, when you live a difficult situation, he is able to override. He does not judge you.
"When I met Paul," recalls Florence, "I lived in a very troubled and self-destructive period, but gradually her love changed the way I looked at her, and thanks to her angelic patience I managed to to stop everything that was hurting me, and his gentle and caring love allowed me to rebuild myself. "

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