May 30, 2020

Special Paralympic Games: Top 10 English Specialties

Fish and chips
Fish & chips is truly the iconic specialty of Britain. This is a takeaway consisting of a fried fish and fries. And it is with their characteristic humor that the British love to say that in fish & chips, you never really know what's the best: the fish, the fries or the paper that surrounds it! And although this specialty is the subject of other jokes, it is nonetheless popular. It is also revisited by the great British chefs, making this dish a jewel of the UK gastronomy.

Halfway between the biscuits and muffins, scones are savored with whipped cream and jam. Bring it to breakfast to replicate the famous English breakfast or serve them at a brunch with friends. Unless you prefer to enjoy around a steaming tea at 4 pm, for the traditional tea-time.

To taste the scones, nothing beats "the" marmalade. To achieve it, you need bitter oranges, water and sugar. Do not forget to incorporate zest to perfect your recipe. If you fear the bitterness of oranges, make a marmalade of lemons vanilla, less traditional of course but just as delicious.

Lemon curd
The curd is a cream made from fruits that can be savored as a jam or incorporated into cakes. And the best known recipe is certainly the lemon curd. This cream lemon savor on scones of course, but also on slices of bread, in fruit verrines ... If you like this English specialty, do not hesitate to decline it at lemon green, with raspberries, ginger or orange. Ideal for changing jam or marmalade.

The invention of sandwich dates back to the 18th century. In the middle of a map game, a county lord Sandwich in Great Britain asked for a snack. This, in order to avoid stopping the game. Two slices of bread surrounding a piece of meat and cheese were brought. The sandwich was born. Today, this takeaway is a thousand and one flavors for our greatest pleasure.

The British are very attached to their breakfast. This is also the most important and most substantial meal of the day. What better to stall the stomach than a delicious porridge? It is a porridge made with hot milk and oatmeal. The mixture is allowed to thicken and is eaten with sugar or maple syrup, and some fruits.

Apple pie
The famous apple pie does not come from the United States but from the United Kingdom. It is simply an apple pie. In France, this specialty is the pride of Auvergne, under the name of "pump apples". To be enjoyed warm with apples previously returned in a knob of butter, sugar and cinnamon.

The trifle
The trifle is a verrine made of pastry cream, fruit, sponge cake, jelly (a jelly) and whipped cream. Revisited, this recipe often comes with some biscuits placed in the bottom of a verrine decorated with fruit, a whipped cream and sometimes a coulis. Anyway, she is always tasty.

How to speak of British cuisine without mentioning the famous jelly that surprises so much the French. Flashy color: pink, green, orange ... She has something to discourage. But rest assured, it lends itself to many recipes. And even cook with champagne to delight the finest palates.

Cookies are in the United States what shortbreads are in the UK: an institution. To make these tasty biscuitstake some butter, sugar and flour. Mix until you get a smooth paste, cut with cookie cutters. Cook and enjoy a tea of ​​course!

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