July 12, 2024

Special regions: characteristics and specificities of the cuisine of the region Center

Cheeses from the Center region
The Central Region is a goat-rearing area, which explains why many cheese reputed to be based on goat's milk! Among the many cheese raw milk, five cheese Central region benefit from an AOC (Protected Designation of Origin). We eat them alone (that is to say with good bread and possibly a glass of wine!) or declined in one of the traditional dishes of the region. Crottin de Chavignol, Sainte-Maure de Touraine or Pouligny Saint-Pierre (which is delicious in pies) are among the most famous.

Game and fish in the spotlight
Between the richness of the forest of Sologne and its numerous ponds, the fauna of the Center region strongly influences its cuisine: game of course (which gave birth to the first pates of Chartres), but also andouillettes (of Jargeau, unavoidable) and other tasty rillettes ... to taste with a little bit of Orleans mustard! Side Pisceswe will enjoy carp and roach.

Central region, vegetable land?
Of course, it is far from the only French market gardening region. But the terroir of the Center region is rich in beets, potatoes, onions and other apples, pears and quince. For legumes, crack for Ebly (yes!) Or green Berry lentils.

The 24 AOC wines of the Center region
Finally, the cuisine of the Center region would not be complete without its 24 wines who enjoy a Denomination of Controlled Origin. After all, the Loire Valley is known for the quality of its wine production and, from Chinon to Bourgueil, it would be a shame to do without it.

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