October 5, 2022

Spending without (too much) spending: sport at home!

And if I opted for the coach?
This is the ideal solution if you prefer the intimacy of your cozy nest to carve your figure. Today, one can easily find a coach and pay him in universal service employment check (CESU). No more running in transport to get to your gym!
Another important advantage is the tax reduction. You can benefit from a 50% tax reduction. Concretely, that means that if a session costs 50?, It will cost you finally 35? after the tax reduction.
Be careful all the same before choosing your coach. Each trend brings its share of disadvantages. Some coaches practice their activity without any degree in their specialty, are poorly trained. No legislation regulates the profession. Before you take the plunge, take the time to find out and find the right contacts.
Sport is fun!
Finished solo jogging or pool lengths in rush hour. The sport has become fun. A real pleasure party to share with her friends. The Wii has participated a lot in the phenomenon with its Wii Fit, this little board supposed to turn our living room into a real gym. On the program: yoga, fitness, hula-hop exercises ... all without leaving home!
Decathlon also offers its sports game console to work at home. His little name: the Domyos Interactive System. You have the choice between several game cartridges and can even opt for a rug to connect with the TV for a more fun jog!
From sport to music
Your best companion during a good jog session: the MP3 player! Ideal to liven up your sprint, especially if your best friend has missed you on the day ... Did you know that you could also train to run thanks to him? Or more precisely thanks to a free site to download training to listen during his jog. You will be guided, encouraged and most importantly, you can interrupt the training when you want so really it is too much!
Find the coaching version mp3 on the site www.jiwok.com

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