October 25, 2021

Sport: I tested a self defense course

Internship day 1: tracking, confidences and bundles
This is a 2-day course of 16h training from 9am to 18h: the program looks solid and busy days. Arriving at the sports center that hosts the seminar, each looks timidly. Every girl has her story and some unfortunately have a violent liability. We present ourselves and we give if we want the reasons that pushed us to register.
Then the instructor announces the program, very practical with a little theory. We start with an introduction on violence in general, on the vision we have of ourselves, that others have of us. Each one notes for herself these things: it already allows us to know where we are in the eyes of others and to become aware of the impact of our attitude on the perception that others have of us.
Quickly, we follow a soft exercise inspired by counter-espionage: dropped in the mall, we must follow each other, learn to identify and sow a follower by looking in the reflections of the windows for example ...
In the afternoon, the program gets tough with situations in an underground car park: we train to keep a safe distance with someone who tries to approach, to keep calm in front of what could to be a circle, to thwart the pitfalls of language that aim to make us lower our guard to surprise us, to cross a stranger in a neutral but confident way ... In short, everyday situations viewed from a security angle.

Quickly, we move to simulations of light aggression, theft snatch. The instructor gives us tips to anticipate and react. It remains playful but everyone starts to think ... At the end of the day, exhausted and bumpy, everyone feels the surface of questions, anguish. The internship also serves to purge our imagination and anchor these situations in reality.

Stage Day 2:
The next day, the program increases the pressure of a notch: it will have to face scenarios rather unpleasant! At this point, we are all convinced of the merits of the approach, so we go. After training with fists and kicks, follows a training on the ground where the instructor simulates an attempted rape and shows us how to escape our opponent, staged a knife threat and escape techniques Adapted, then we exchange roles ... These are the worst situations imaginable, but the fact of living them by giving them a positive outcome encourages us to continue because we feel that it is better to have lived before ...
During a theoretical part, the instructor teaches us that the brain does not make the difference of feeling between a lived and fictional situation: thus, these stagings serve as positive programming for the brain which, in the face of the threat, will know how to react. rather than to paralyze us ... Essential! We ended up with a surprise attack exercise where we practice all that we have learned! Here, it is the instructor who takes full face! The timid ones turn out to be real tigresses, the blows rained, we surpass ourselves, we let out the aggressiveness necessary for the riposte and we leave confident: we know that we sowed invaluable seeds that will be so many resources in case of problem.


The benefits
Undeniably, such an internship gives the soul and brings self-confidence and better control of his emotions. This kind of course also allows an in-depth awareness of the risks that can be incurred but also because nothing is lost in advance. We are taught that we can defeat an opponent stronger and bigger than us, which is a small revolution concerning many received ideas: we review our beliefs and we gain in self-esteem!

For who ?
For those who have been victims of a violent act to disable the trauma and regain self-confidence, for those who have particularly suffered the violence of men at work or at home to get to rebuild something and to be serene face to the opposite sex, for those who want to protect themselves from aggression by learning the right reactions to have, and for all those who want to improve their self-confidence and learn to better manage their emotions during conflicts.

In practice :
274? Program and dates: //www.realitybasedselfdefenseacademy.com

I tried Krav Maga self-defence training for 30 days (October 2021)