August 15, 2020

Star beauty: do you look like Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls)

His complexion
To have Nicole's pretty skin, moisturize her like her, with a day cream before putting on makeup.
Choose one that reduces expression lines, just to look as young as it has been for 30 years ("Liftactiv Retinol HA" at Vichy or Galenic's "Elixir smoothing new skin Nectalys"). Do not forget to apply, before or after, a specific cream for the eye contour that fades fine lines and dark circles ("Anti-aging eye care by acupressure" Sanoflore). You will have the look as bright as it!
Its matte complexion and without defects, it owes it to a fluid and mattifying foundation (Mat'Morphose-L'Oréal). Not to mention the concealer, which makes fly away all signs of fatigue.
To enhance her carnage, Nicole then applies terracotta or a bronzing powder (Sun Powder- Polysianes) on the bulging parts of her face.
Finally add a few touches of blush on the cheekbones and a pinch of glittery pink eyeshadow over it! This is the little tip that will allow your face to capture the light as well as his.
And now, you have the look of this beautiful latina doll!
Their eyes
To make a star make-up, highlight with a thin line of eyeliner, black anthracite preferably, all of your eyelashes and finish with a soft loop at the outer corner of each eye. Then pass a black kohl on the inner contour of the eye. This delicately smoky design is superbly highlight all the large almond eyes, like those of the singer!

Nicole then continues her play of light-initiated on the cheekbones - applying, on her eyelids, the same pink glitter she had distilled on her cheeks. A warm and fresh color that enhances his complexion a little more, while illuminating his eyes. The mini-rhinestones on the inner and outer corners of each eye are the finishing touch of glamourous light play.

But to have that doe look that puts all men at her feet, she then takes care to apply false eyelashes that mixes with her natural eyelashes by applying a black mascara curling.
And hop! Here you are with the sparkling and intense look of this femme fatale who knew how to crack the "so sexy" Lewis Hamilton!
His mouth
Turn to the red and glossy colors to dress up your mouth in an ultra-feminine way like Nicole. Opt, like her, for a beautiful gloss that will make you a nice luscious mouth (gloss "Glam Shine" L'Oreal)
Her hair
The ebony black color, perfectly natural, of her hair befits Nicole. With her Hawaiian and Filipino origins, a lighter color would definitely be too artificial on the singer!

Side hairstylewe stay on the natural register with hair brushed but curly as highlighted by the wicks that fall on his shoulders.
Finally, watch as the hair Nicole are bright! To achieve the same result, make gentle shampoos and a strengthening mask once a week (mask "Force Vector" - L'Oreal Expert).

Then dry your hair upside down, without brushing them, insisting on the roots to give volume to your hairstyle. Then apply some "special volume" styling mousse on your hair before drying.

Finish with a cloud of lacquer for finishing and shine (lacquer for hair thick Jacques Dessange).

How to Dance Like Nicole Scherzinger – Pussycat Dolls | Glamour UK (August 2020)