March 26, 2023

Star Duel: Which of Elsa Pataky or Taylor Momsen wears the best Pucci dress?

Elegance, femininity, glamor, sense of celebration ... these have been the dominant values ​​of the Pucci brand for 50 years. Somewhat forgotten in the 90s, Pucci is reborn from the ashes thanks to a new designer Peter Dundas, but especially thanks to the stars who all crack on these dresses combining elegance and snsualité. If in Cannes, Pucci was one of the star's favorite houses for the Rising Ride, the party girls like Taylor Momsen also crack on these dresses embroidered with sequins, or shimmering prints ...
But where the bottom hurts is when two celebrities wear the same dress, as here the bombsque Elsa Pataky and the rebel Taylor Momsen. To each his style: atmosphere sexy mini dress for Elsa or crazy look for Taylor, each with his dress Pucci!

Queen of Swords - The Uncle (ep14 - part4) (March 2023)