October 25, 2021

Star Style: Kate Moss and the little black dress

For an effective and precise style, without taking the head, one bet on its basics: it is the key of the style of Kate. With the little black dressshe knows she will be chic just right, without ever being too much, nor doing the girl who spent three days thinking about her outfit. A black blazer on the shoulders, or a fur coat, in a cold weather, and you have Kate's style. Freed from the constraints of the outfit, you can then think - with moderation - of the accessory that will complement your silhouette and customize it. But even without accessories, respecting Kate's style, you have the base and the material to be really stylish. Stylish as a star what!

Our "Kate" shopping:
Carroll leather dress, 250? onposestendances.com
Asymmetrical jersey dress Topshop, about 40? sure topshop.com
A.P.C woolen gauze dress, 230? on apc.fr

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell at Olympic Dinner, Little Black Dresses, Fab Flash (October 2021)