August 14, 2022

Summer 2013 fashion: what to wear with your jean jacket?

With the weather in recent days, it is urgent to find a pretty jacket to put on the back. has already offered a shopping jackets most trendy to shopper emergency. Today we are particularly interested in a trend that has not let go of our wardrobes for two years: the jacket Jean. True essential to have in his wardrobe, it can be fatal if it is not well tuned. What to wear with jacket Jean ? That's the question we found all the answers to ...
do not hesitate
A dress.
Whatever is maxi or mini, black, white or printed, the dress dresses to perfection the jacket in jeans and gives it a glamorous, romantic and sexy look. The top is still the famous Little Black Dress (little black dress) or the lesser known Little White Dress (little white dress).
Trousers. To choose rather classic, trousers are also to associate with the jacket in jeans that will break their strict side. Choose a cut carot pant, straight, slim, cigarette, flared or wide and sober color (black, beige, taupe, gray ...) The bolder can also try the prints.
The shorts. But not just any shorts. Here too, prefer shorts with classic cut, with a dark, natural color lapel. The prints are also a trail to explore.
Skirts. Like the dress, the skirt softens the somewhat masculine appearance of the jacket Jean. It does not matter the cut. She can be skater, maxi, trapeze, pencil or just right, she will always marry with a jacket Jean.
False good idea
To be clear, let's say that all the parts a little masculine are to forget: battle dress, jogging or corduroy trousers, we forget! Also avoid the total denim look, especially with jeans with boyfriend cut or overalls. Yuck!

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