May 29, 2023

Tanning: bluffing without sun

-To have a tan complexion:
Finish the line of sun powder across the cheek as a looking good ! Now, use a sun bed all over your face to create the illusion of a uniform tan and for more natural, emphasize the bridge of the nose, temples and forehead: these are the places that tan first and that will make you seem to have spent the day in the sun!

- On the body, use the sprays that mimic the Sun tanning but who leave in the shower! Trompe l'oeil effect guaranteed! all you have to do is spray them at a good distance: they leave a veil of color. Dry in seconds, he does not stain clothes and leaves to wash. Ideal for the legs and the arms and for those who handle badly thespray tan.

- Color your care by adding to your usual moisturizer a zest of pigments: it turns into tinted care and tans your body evenly and lightly. Bonus? With this option, you dose as you want!

- The self-tanner: the most classic to be tanned in a few hours. Attention to avoid traces, here are some tips:
- Apply it by massaging over a moisturizing care, they will blend with each other and any demarcations will be less pronounced
- Apply it with a wet washcloth : the effect will also be blurred to avoid any risk of traces
- Think about transition zones : neck, inside of the arms, so that the effect is natural.

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