July 12, 2024

The brand saga: Jean-François Lazartigue

The saga starts in 1963 for Jean François Lazartiguewhen he opens his first salon hairstyle, rue de Courcelles in Paris. Seeing the damage caused by hair straightening and oxidizing products on hair, he will develop a gentle method of straightening that will quickly make his living room a place of hairstyle inescapable of the capital.

For several decades, the Lazartigue institutes smooth the hair without breaking it and leaving it supple and natural. The relaxer product is a paste based on natural active plants, guaranteed without soda, which will be placed on the whole of the hair.
In 1972, his salon became a center of Parisian hair straightening and everyone is scrambling to benefit from a hair treatment ...
It was not until 1976 that he launched a complete line of care for his clients.

Very soon, the success of its products is not long and he then opens several hair advice centers and several salons hairstyle... The first free exam, where experts examine your hair and your roots under the microscope, serves to draw up an initial assessment. Care is then advised and a personal file is formed. This step will especially allow to evaluate the health of your hair: if it is too damaged and too sensitized, the hairdresser will refuse to operate a straightening.

The specificity of the products from Lazartigue is to be very concentrated in active ingredients, trace elements and vitamins, which will adapt to each type of hair. Each component is first thoroughly tested in the laboratory before it goes on sale ...

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