October 27, 2021

The caban for a date with my new boyfriend

It's only been two weeks and four dates that you are together. It is still too early to show him the beast inside you, the one who wears 10-year-old panties, who hangs out at home in ski socks and fleece dressing gown and who dares to come out in winter mode Coat rack: three scarves, two hats, three Jacquard sweaters on the Damart and Ugg's (pity, tell me I'm wrong about the Ugg's!).
But it is clear, and you know, that there will be three quarter tails Wednesday night and 2 ° C posted on the pharmacy sign that taunts the corner! To solve this problem, we bet on the reefer officer. And then, a boyfriend, it also serves to curl up against him during the wait, right? You will see, it creates links.

Our shopping:
Topshop leopard sweater, about 40? on topshop.com
reefer Maje,
Scarf Zara, 19.95? on Zara.com
Chloé denim shirt, 350? on myprestigium.com
Leopard Zara Ballerinas, 59.95?
Shopping bag H & M, 34.95?
Forbidden varnish Chanel, about 20?

I paid for the Hooked app and immediately regretted it (October 2021)