May 28, 2024

The care of the day: we love the sparkling cream milk face and body Embryolisse

So great virtues in such a small bottle ... face care and shimmering body of Embryolisse is a real treat for the skin. very moisturizing, this cream milk brings us a touch of glitter very subtle, and these brilliant reflections give us a complexion and a luminous cleavage!

The skin is soft and silky: the secret of this treatment? Skin-friendly ingredients that rebuild its barrier function and smooth out imperfections due to dry skin.

This moisturizing treatment consists of shea butter, beeswax and mineral oil to nourish and restore the cutaneous barrier, and plant extracts with high hydrating power. As a result, the skin is nourished deeply, no longer pulls, it is soothed. Glamor and care at the same time, what more?

Price: 9? the 30ml

Available in November 2010 in pharmacy and drugstore.
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