October 25, 2021

The first name of the day: Constance

When they are still small, the Constantia are disciplined. On the benches of theschoolthey are studious pupils. They always want to get the first places. They are also logical and fussy. For children, who wear this first name girl, we must never put off until tomorrow what we can do the same day.

The Constantius then become energetic and voluntary women. They may be as charming and playful as they are unpleasant and strict. And yes their behavior can be confusing family.

Be careful, the clothes do not make the monk! Their entourage may think that Constance are light and superficial especially in society where they are open and warm ...
... But the Constants are women of principle, direct and frank. Curious but suspicious, they have a sense of responsibility and duty. Indeed, they are active, obstinate, persevering and even rigid. Constance is generally positive and healthy.

Constance / AHS / I'm Constance, your neighbor... (October 2021)