December 1, 2021

The flashy and casual look of Beyoncé Knowles

Even when she's not on stage, Beyoncé Knowles ensures the show. Unable to stay in the shadows, the tigress decided to put herself forward with a surprisingly flashy look. A good idea to forget the gray Parisian.


She brilliantly mixes a stabilized pink chino with a Carven blouse with Aztec prints. Original and ancestral, this flagship print of the season has seduced the diva who urbanise with skill. Perfectly fitting with his pants, the blouse is slightly ajar to support the casual side of the outfit. But Beyoncé Knowles who assumes his 100% diva side does not forget to add a chic touch to his look. It is perched on nude pumps to refine its silhouette and thus affirms its elegance. Finally, to try to go unnoticed, she screws a pair of black glasses that hides part of his pretty face.

Beauty look, we like when Beyoncé Knowles let his long curly mop fall back on his shoulders. In this way, she completely assumes her tigress side.

Beyonce's Best Outfits Fashion Evolution and Street Fashion 2019 (December 2021)