August 14, 2022

The French Kiss, good for your health!

The kiss is good for the health. This could be the slogan carried by the Dutch study at the origin of this very recent discovery. The scientific journal microbiome relayed by the BBC News, published in December 2014 an analysis according to which to exchange a kiss would have many virtues.

Bacterial colonization, oral cavity ... Knowing that a stuffy contains almost 700 types of bacteria, to kiss his partner 10 seconds with the tongue would promote the exchange of some 80 million bacteria, according to this Dutch study.

Far from having to worry about it, researchers have shown that these bacteria preserve certain diseases. These scientists from the Netherlands supported their analysis by taking the saliva of 21 volunteers couple, before and after a kiss exchange.

In passing, no need to jump on the first comer to boost its immune system. The study reveals that couples long-time set have much more bacteria in common than two famous unknowns. Moreover, the more couples often kiss, the more they exchange germs together. Indeed, for those who indulge in french kiss at least nine times a day, their saliva would become almost identical.

This intimate practice, universal and widely used in our cultures, would therefore be beneficial for the health of the'Man. What to update potential future bacterial therapies ... kissing!

Did You Know - The Health Benefits of Kissing (August 2022)