June 13, 2024

The girl's first name of the day: Erine

Worn by about 2,000 people in France, this first name girl is relatively unattributed today.

In the spring of their life, the Erines must be perfectly surrounded by their family. Indeed, they are generally torn between their desire for greatness and their need to be protected and secure. These tuggings often reflect bad character, temper tantrums and misplaced susceptibility. To the question what to do? The answer is in two words: stimulation and encouragement!

Mom and Dad need to regularly stimulate and encourage their little girl, especially in studies otherwise it may plunge into a certain nonchalance. Later, it would be better for parents to give him brothers and sisters. The Erines are excellent pedagogues, proud of their role of eldest. Failure or frustration can cause the Erine heartburn or nerve diseases.

Growing up, the Erines have a complex and ambiguous personality. They possess two antagonistic natures: active, voluntary, authoritarian and egocentric or passive, timid, dependent, emotional and rather altruistic. Their character can be enthusiastic, confident and active, defeatist and passive. Responsive and hyperemotive, the Erines therefore have a changing mood.

Fun day at the park with the Chinita baby Erine (June 2024)