April 10, 2021

The hairstyle of the day: Carey Mulligan and her blond short haircut

The actress Carey Mulligan is beautiful, anyway! The pretty young woman has opted for a neo square with light blonde highlights, as shown in this image of her at the premiere of the film "Wall Street, money never sleeps" in New York.

Known for her brilliantly interpreted roles in An Education, Pride and Prejudice and Doctor Who, the Pretty Carey Mulligan last night showed a radiant mine and a haircut we all want for the winter!

A short cut ultra modern, highlighted with light blonde, which could be called a "neo square". This delightful cut gives pride to the long bangs, while the neck is well cleared and tapered in a very feminine way. An emergency copy cut for all those who want a little babydoll!

Haircut! Day Camp! New Laptop! Pottermore! So Many Topics! (April 2021)