March 26, 2023

The Harry Potter saga reviewed and corrected in bookstores

More than fifteen books are published or reissued to accompany the release in France of Harry Potter and the relics of death J.K Rowling. Like the Da Vinci Code, another phenomenon of publishing, Harry Potter arouses numerous publications: dictionaries, parodies, commentaries of texts, derived products ...

The original version of the book, published July 21 in English, broke all sales records. More than 9 million copies of the young wizard's adventures were sold within twenty-four hours of his release.
The saga totals 370 million copies sold around the world, including 20.5 in France.

The French edition of the seventh volume ofHarry Potter will be released October 26 at midnight one at Gallimard Jeunesse. It will be accompanied by many animations, including the Magicobus, a bus in the colors of Harry Potter which will travel across France as early as 17 October.

J.K Rowling, Harry Potter and the relics of death
Gallimard Youth
Released: October 26
Price: 26,50 euros
Publisher's website:

Selected books about Harry Potter:

Around the saga

- Lindsey Fraser, Meeting with J.K Rowling
Released: November 2007 (Reissue)
Youth Gallimard
Publisher price: 4.50 euros

- Steven Van der Ark, Lexicon Harry Potter, volume 1 to 7
Released: November 15, 2007
Publisher price: 21.20 euros

- Audrey Malone, Harry Potter from A to Z (all you ever wanted to know about the saga of the little wizard and his creator)
Released: November 7, 2007
Publisher price: n.c

- Isabelle Cani, Harry Potter or the anti Peter Pan: to end the magic of childhood
Released: October 3, 2007
Publisher price: 19 euros

- Meziane Hammadi, The little dico ... of Harry Potter
Release: October 16, 2007
The lagoon
Publisher price: 8 euros

- Meziane Hammadi, The magical world ... of Harry Potter
Release: November 2007
The lagoon
Publisher price: 8 euros

- David Colbert, The complete magical worlds of Harry Potter (volumes 1 to 7)
Outcome: November 2007
The pre-clerks
Publisher price: 16 euros

- Isabelle Smadja and Pierre Bruno (Editor), Harry Potter, Angel or demon ?
Released: November 15, 2007
Publisher price: 20 euros

- Denis Bruchon, Dictionary Harry Potter English French
Released: July 2007
Editions of Time
Publisher price: 9.50 euros

- Edi Vesco, Magic Guide of the World of Harry Potter
Release: (new edition)
Publisher price: n.c

- Pierre Veys, Ezra, Harry Cover 2. The English Eaters
Release: November 2, 2007
BD - Delcourt
Publisher price: 9.80 euros

- Nick Tammer, Harry Peloteur and the magic fly
Release: October 18, 2007
Publisher price: 17 euros

- Michael Gerber, Barry Trotter: the integral
Release: November 1, 2007
Bragelonne Editions
Publisher price: 19.90 euros

The derived products
- Calendar Harry Potter 2008
Released: September 2007
Panini Manga
Publisher price: 12.95 euros

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