April 17, 2024

The lining: a simple and effective humor

Achievement, scenario: Francis Veber
Actors: Gad Elmaleh, Richard Berry, Dany Boon, Virginie Ledoyen, Daniel Auteuil, Alice Taglioni, Kristin Scott Thomas
Released March 29

François Pignon is the favorite character of Francis Veber : each time different, it is finally always the same (the kind that would not hurt a fly, but on which falls all the glitches), that it is interpreted by Jacques Villeret in The Dinner of Cons, by Jacques Brel in The Emmerdeur or Pierre Richard in Freinds. This time, Gad Elmaleh sticks to it ... and who perfectly embodies this nice naive.

Roommate of Richard (Dany Boon), lover spurned by his friend Emilie (Virginie Ledoyen), this new sprocket is seen embroidered in a case of deception, divorce and big money, here's the plot: the billionaire Pierre Levasseur (Daniel Auteuil ) was surprised by a paparazzi in the street with his mistress Elena (Alice Taglioni), famous supermodel. To avoid an expensive divorce, he will try to persuade his wife (Kristin Scott Thomas) that this is a coup, making him believe that Elena is already married ... with this illustrious stranger François Pinion.

In addition to this multitude of actors and this simple and effective scenario, this film has for other assets the light humor of Francis Veber, his sense of caricature (exploited in each of his characters) and incongruous situations.

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