May 23, 2022

The little black dress

Whatever the circumstances, you will always find the little black dress adapted to your physique and that will save you the setting in all circumstances.
For a cocktail, choose the little black dress sober, neither too short nor too long, nor too low-cut, and accessorize it with a little color (bag, shoes, jewel, scarves ...).

For a gala or birthday party, the little black dress fits a little eccentricity but be careful not to fall in bad taste.

For a date, wear flat shoes for example, and a simple purse, so as not to be too exuberant ... One possible mistake with the little black dress: the "all in black" which would give you the air of you go to a funeral!

You are slender and slender ? You will wear the little black dress close to the body, short, and leaving your bare back. Almost everything is allowed for the lucky ones who have no problem with their shapes ...

The more round silhouettes prefer a little black dress covering the arms and marking the waist. The generous breasts will be highlighted with elegance thanks to a beautiful neckline. Be careful of the length if you have to hide legs a little too strong, without adopting too long so as to avoid being "packed".
Have at least three little black dresses in your wardrobe: a discreet one to bring to the restaurant for example, to go to a cocktail party or a dinner alone; a more "glamorous" for a party night; dressed for more "official" circumstances.

One Drop - "Little Black Dress" (May 2022)