February 28, 2021

The name boy of the day: Vincent

When they are in short pants, the Vincent are active and have a sense of freedom. They hate constraints and are easily undisciplined. Mom and Dad must have a firm driving without being rigid. We must quickly tame this impetuous character by socializing. Parents must opt ​​for physical exercises and rather collective. All the family now knows which foot to dance on.

By taking a bottle, the Vincent have a strong personality and want to impress. They can alternately be introverted and extroverted. But Vincent, generally endearing, need to please and be loved. They are courteous, very elegant but gluttony is one of their cute sins.

The feeling takes an important place in their lives and their family holds an important place in their daily lives. Sometimes hesitant, the Vincent do not flee their responsibilities. Authoritarian and directive, Vincent can sometimes get angry. As a rule, they hate mediocrity and failure

Jimmy Fortune with Dailey & Vincent - More Than a Name On the Wall [Live] (February 2021)