April 19, 2024

The name of the day: Baudoin

The first name Baudoin comes from Germanic and means "daring, friendly". This first name is carried by about 1,000 people in France and should not be awarded to more than 30 babies this year. The Baudoin are celebrated on July 25th.

Over the centuries, the first name Baudoin was illustrated by five kings of Jerusalem as well as two Emperors of the East. Also found in the middle of the twelfth century, Saint Baudouin, a monk who founded the monastery of Baudeloo, near Ertvelde in Belgium. After that first name began to spread timidly in France. For several years, Baudoin had an aristocratic connotation to the point of being part of one of first names favorites of the wealthy classes. Today, even if Baudoin is little attributed, it remains appreciated in France.

Baudoin is a young, willing and caring young man. In his professional life, he is reasoned, likes to work in a team and is very conscientious. In his personal life, Baudoin needs to feel close to his family and friends.

Made in London: Allan Baudoin (April 2024)