September 20, 2020

The name of the day: Laura

Etymology of first name Laura
The first name Laura comes from Latin and means "crowned with laurels". This first name is carried by about 140,000 people in France and is even in the top 50 national. We honor the Laura on October 19th.

In the story, we find Laura, an Andalusian Christian who was martyred in 864, in Cordoba, because she refused to convert to Islam. After that first name spread in the second half of the nineteenth century in France. Since then, this first name has been awarded throughout Europe. In addition, Laura has had tremendous success in several French-speaking countries, notably thanks to the song Laura by Johnny Hallyday, who contributed to the glory of this world. first name at the end of the 1980s. It also spread to Switzerland, Belgium, but also to Quebec and England. After being in the top of many European and English-speaking winners, Laura is clearly in favor today but remains appreciated.

Laura is an enthusiastic young woman. In her professional life, she is dynamic, courageous and passionate but can sometimes be a strategist. In her personal life, love and friendship are an important part of her life.

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