May 13, 2021

The name of the day: Lou

Lou, a new and trendy name

The first name Lou is a first name mixed, which is suitable for both girls and boys. Yet, it is largely used to name girls: only about 1900 French bear the Lou's first name, against 2500 French. The first name Lou appeared in France in 1979 and enjoyed growing popularity until 2003. From 2004, the first name Lou has become a first name very popular in France: this popularity has been stable since, although it was in 2005 that the most newborns were named Lou. In 2009, Lou was the 30th first name most attributed to birth.

Meaning of name Lou

Lou's personality is calm but ambitious. Very charming, Lou can demonstrate an infallible will to achieve its goals. Rather sweet, Lou however, sometimes it can be possessive and rancorous. She knows perfectly how to hold a house and warmly welcomes her guests. The person who is chosen to give a first name as Lou is a disciplined and gifted person for languages ​​and arts. Lou loves to feel respected and enjoys being honored It can be hard with those around him: some blame him for being authoritarian. The career of Lou can move towards independent or leading professions.

The name Lou in the Stars

In the stars, the choice of a first name or a nickname can be decisive in a career. Many famous personalities wear the first name Lou, whether they were so named at birth or adopted as an artist's name. We can mention the singer Lou Bega, the actress Lou Doillon or the American singer Lou Reed.

Lou Reed - Perfect Day (Official Audio) (May 2021)