April 20, 2024

The name of the day: Ronan

Ronan, a name of Celtic origin

If the name Ronan is now widespread throughout France, it owes its expansion out of the Breton territory in the fashion of first names in the 1970s. Previously, Ronan remained confined to this region and to its country of origin, Ireland. In Celtic language indeed, Ronan means "the young seal". One can possibly also attribute to him for origin the word "roen", "royal". This first name still has a certain popularity, although slightly down in recent years. 361 newborns were called Ronan in 1978, 295 in 2000, 168 in 2010. It is far, of course, records Lucas and other Hugo, but still ...

Ronan, an Irish saint

Especially since the name Ronan is related to the Irish saint of the same name, about which many stories and legends have been told. This bishop lived in Ireland at the end of the sixth century, before retiring to Armorica. He spent years in penances and prayers in Saint-Ronan, before healing some sick and arousing an enthusiasm incompatible with his retirement. Later, in the forest of Nevet, in Locronan, legend has it that it is at the origin of many miracles, including in front of Roy Gradlon. Buried in his hermitage of Locronan, Saint-Ronan is the object of a procession which takes place every six years, during which his relics are carried on a stretcher.

Ronan: a shimmering being

Perfectionist, not to say manic, Ronan likes to please, in the first place to his family. He places the bar of demands very high on himself and in the missions or functions he is assigned. Ambitious, idealistic, but also loving novelties, he seeks to shine, and from the youngest age. Children wearing the name boy Ronan can also have a tendency too much to complacency.

Famous Ronan

Among the personalities wearing the name Ronan, Irish singer Ronan Keating, Irish rugby player Ronan O'Gara and Brest playwright Ronan Cheneau.

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