April 17, 2024

The name of the day: Selena

Etymology of given name Selena
The first name Selena comes from Latin and means "solemn". This first name is carried by about 4,000 people in France and it remains relatively unattributed today. The Selena are celebrated on September 25th.

In the story, Selene said Selena was the name of the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology. Daughter of Hyperion, the Astral Fire, and the sister of Helios, the Sun. She is generally described as a beautiful woman with a sparkling white face and wearing long, flowing white dresses. Afterwards first name Selena began to spread in the Spanish-speaking countries, but also in the 18th century, when it was worn by a very rich Englishman who named herself the Countess of Huntington. The young woman devoted her life and fortune to the cause of the Methodist Protestants until her death in 1791. In France the first name Selena is very little awarded but it remains appreciated.

Selena is a young social and loyal woman. In her professional life, she is a diplomat and enjoys teamwork. In her personal life, Selena is generous and she enjoys taking care of her friends.

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