June 23, 2024

The naughty little Parisian book for alluring discoveries

Paris, a symbol of French love and romance, finally has its naughty little guide. Parisian journalists Diana Béraud and Aurélia Hermange give us a guided tour of the most alluring places of the capital, thanks to the book of Paris naughty at First Editions.

This little book, which will be released on October 9th, will take a tour of Paris' sexy and erotic addresses. You will discover addresses for all tastes, from massage parlors to two to swingers clubs through erotic shops, transformism and sex shops.

All addresses are graduated with a system of pictograms that signal the degree of debauchery ... Be careful to look at the small drawings:

1 pepper = accessible to all
2 peppers = attention, hot in front!
3 peppers = addresses intended for an informed public

For example, a shop or an X bookstore would have 1 pepper. A gay box would have 2 peppers and a swinger club 3 peppers. So do not wait any longer and have no more taboos, go to lover, solo or with friends in sexy Paris!

The little book Paris naughty, 160 pages, Editions First, 2.90?

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