January 16, 2022

The new dads: zoom on the evolution of the role of the father: the opinion of the expert!

How do you explain this evolution?

In the majority of cases, this evolution is cyclical. The crisis and the increase of divorces are for many. But it is especially the change in the status of women that is a determining factor!

How do you describe the 21st century dad?

He is an attentive father, concerned with the education of these children. He pays attention not only to his school results, his behavior but he is also attentive to his emotions. It's a dad who holds a real place and has a say in the education of children.

Have men become more "maternal"?

Perhaps. In any case, they assume their share of femininity. They claim the right to tenderness, to physical contact.

How are women experiencing this transformation?

Well because this emergence of a new model is possible also thanks to women. Women today want a career, so they agreed to share and give a new place to men! They also see their own interest.

In your book "Fathers solos, fathers singular", you mention the fathers solos very many today ... Who are they?

They are not activists of the paternal cause, but men who find themselves, in fact, in a situation where they raise their child alone. Before, they were widowers, but it is less and less the case. There are more and more cases where women have chosen to leave and leave children, as before a father could do. There are also those who have child care alternately, for a month, a year ... In a way, these men are pioneers.

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