June 4, 2023

The priestesses of nail polish: Kartika Luyet, founder of Kure Bazaar

Alongside the giants of the sector as O.P.I, Essie but also Dior, Chanel, which multiplies the capsule collections and the iconic varnishes that make the nailistas who collect them in their bathroom crazy, a small brand arrives on the sector. Kure Bazaar, which is betting on launching ecological and trendy varnishes. Colors, shine, outfits, we tell you everything!

After organic care, make up organic, organic shampoos, instead of natural varnishes strongly reduced in chemical ingredients ... What appeal to nailistas eager to follow trends without chemicals.

At the origin of the brand, Kartika Luyet, former model who, pregnant, looks for nail polish whose smell does not bother him. This is how the idea of ​​a range of nail polish fashion AND natural, which contain the least possible chemical ingredients.

On the menu of this collection, 26 shades including 4 blues, the already famous "jeans" collection.

3 questions to Kartika Luyet
What technical difficulties did you encounter in developing this range of nail polish ?
Some colors, like orange, are harder to make. Curiously, glitter varnishes are easier to develop. We worked two years with a laboratory. At first, it really was not won.
Is the resistance of polishes as good as for a classic nail polish?
There is no difference in keeping with conventional varnishes. Varnishes are also brilliant!

What is your favorite?
The stiletto, the ideal red ...

Recommended price 16 euros for sale on kurebazaar.com

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