June 9, 2023

"The tests sold on the Internet are dangerous"

What do you think of the paternity tests of foreign laboratories?
They are dangerous because they are not reliable. We do not know how they are made. One of my colleagues said that 60% of the laboratories were fake. The worst is the fathers who are sent back alone in front of their result. It can make dreadful dramas such as suicide attempts ... Analyzes are made at full speed in pharmacies sometimes questionable.
The statistics of the magazine "The Lancet" are they not exaggerated?
A few years ago, it was shown with Inserm that 20% of siblings did not have the right parent. We all turn around this percentage.
France Should it liberalize paternity tests?
I am totally opposed to the liberalization of paternity tests. I think French law is very well done. The analyzes are carried out as part of a judicial procedure. France is not ready to allow the free sale of these tests. We are even the opposite. Because paternity is not just DNA. Paternity is based on three elements: biology, law (recognizing a child) and education (raising it). When magistrates judge a conflict, they take into account these three elements. Paternity does not only occur in biology.
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