October 5, 2022

The top tips for maintaining your barbecue all summer

When you have a barbecueit is important to clean, protect and maintain it regularly both at the beginning and at the end of the season. This will keep it for a few years.

A barbecue does not require regular maintenance when not in use. Except some parts that could rust.
For the barbecues in gas, one checks the state of the burners and pipes. Especially we pay attention to leaks because it can be quickly dangerous. For your barbecue coal, wait at least 24 hours before emptying the ashes. The embers remain active during this period.
In addition, the tank of barbecue coal can be repainted. It will require a special high temperature paint.

At first, you have to clean the grid of barbecue. This is the only element that needs to be impératively cleaned after each cooking. Because it is also the most used. The goal is to remove all traces of burned fat, which will avoid finding the meat glued during the next cooking. You must also remember to empty the fat collector. Remember to let it soak in thewater with a little bleach.

There is no point in investing in household products to clean a barbecue. A brush and a bucket ofwater are enough to make the grid as new. In addition, a slightly hot grill will be easier to clean because the grease will attach less. If the barbecue is really dirty, you can use baking soda or oven cleaner. Another tip; you can also clean the grid of your barbecue with somewater hot soapy and fine steel wool.

The best protections for his barbecue is to store it away in the winter and to think of covering it with a tarpaulin when it stays out in the summer between uses. It is also advisable to store indoors barbecue during the summer because it can be more sensitive to bad weather.



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