June 23, 2021

The virtues of afternoon tea

Distribute daily nutritional intake
Several scientific studies have shown that the distribution of food intake is beneficial for the balanced diet. Taste would therefore be a factor in combating overweight and obesity. People who taste regularly would be less corpulent than those who skip the four-hour break. By spreading the daily food ration on an additional meal, the snack promotes a better energy balance and provides our body with all the carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals it needs. We replace our three big meals a day with four more reasonable snacks.

Avoid nibbling
If you're in the mood for cravings in the afternoon, afternoon tea is the perfect alternative to the fatal nibbling for the line. We nibble often because we are stressed or anxious or simply greedy. We then opt for high calorie foods but nutritionally poor. To regain a certain nutritional balance, we replace these multiple food intake by a single meal in the middle of the afternoon. And we only taste when we are really hungry and by choosing foods with a real nutritional value. This is an opportunity to increase your ration of fruits, vegetables or dairy products.

Offset a lunch too light
With our jobs increasingly demanding, we often tend to skip the lunch break or swallowing a sandwich on the go. Result: not satisfied nutritionally, we are already hungry a few hours later and ready to jump on the first candy came to calm our stomach. Afternoon tea can fill a lunch that is too light or not nutritious enough and gives us what our body needs while waiting for dinner.

Put an end to the hearty dinners
Between lunch and dinner, it usually takes six to eight hours. A long interval which, if we do not eat during the afternoon, leaves us hungry when it is time to sit at the table and therefore ready to devour anything. However, do not eat too much in the evening. Taste allows you to cut this interlude between the lunch and dinner, to stall and then light dinner. The snack is particularly recommended in case of late dinner if you do not want to jump on aperitifs, hyper caloric. It is careful not to force on the quantities swallowed during the break four hours to not cut off the appetite for dinner, counterproductive effect guaranteed.

The ideal snack
We concoct the menu of his four-hour break according to his age and needs. The snack must represent 10 to 15% of the daily energy intake. Ideally, a dairy product, a cereal food and a fruit should be blended to provide calcium, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fiber needed to last until dinner. You add a drink, not too sweet, to hydrate well. On the other hand, we avoid foods that are too rich in fats or quick sugars (pastries, sodas, chocolate bars and some biscuits). Bad for the line, they are also less satisfying. We will be hungry again very quickly.


The Virtues of Tea (June 2021)